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learning platform

Sparksbee is all in one online learning platform that offers online classes, parents portal, games & puzzels and one to one interaction.

learning platform
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How does our classes work?

sparksbee flexible timings
Flexible timings

The class duration is 1 hour. Class size is up to 1:5 Class frequency is 2-3 times a week. Depending on grades & preference.

sparksbee games pluzzels
Games & Puzzles

Games and puzzles provide a welcome break from the more traditional methods of instruction and can make e-learning education more enjoyable for both students and teachers.

learning platform
Learning Platform

It is the learning platform that children need to become smart, confident, and independent. It will also groom and polish the personality of your child.

video conference
1:1 Interaction

A live interaction is when the instructor meets his students online. The instructor will communicate over a session in order to provide support to his students.

Discover Why People Come With Us?

study games and learning platform
Learn with fun

learning through games is an integral part of the study. Games have significant value for education because the skills cultivated are widely applicable outside of games.

learning platform experience
Learning Experience

We are giving a portal that enhances the learning experience for our students. It facilitates them to learn their desired courses at their convenience.

expert teachers in learning platform
Expert Teachers

We have expert teachers that provide a vast knowledge of their subjects.They are fully trained with the process of delivering complete digital solutions for the students.

parents in touch with learning platform
Keep parent in touch

We are giving a parent portal on our website that enables parents to check out their kids’ overall curriculum and activities. Thus, they can stay updated with us.

We have industry-leading renewals of above 80%

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Learning platform FAQs

We cover the grades or classes for level 5 to 10, 11+ study, and Islamic studies courses.

Just follow these simple steps!

  1. Visit sparksbee homepage
  2. Click: “Book A Free Class” button on the top right of the page
  3. Fill in your basic contact information
  4. Then, on our booking page Choose a date and time for your free one-hour class.
  5. Once you’ve booked your free class, you will receive confirmation email from SPARK LMS on class details as well as reminders!

It does not matter which educational syllabus in your school follows, we are proficient in custom content creation of any syllabus you belongs to such as oxford,11+ study and Islamic study concept.

Written content can be created in the form of textbook notes, questions & answers, MCQs, conceptual topics, solutions of numerical questions, quizzes, gamification  and puzzles etc.

We have more than 50 teachers’ team who work via telecommuting or on-campus work, based on the requirement. They have subject expertise and fully trained with the process of delivering complete digital solutions for the students.

Earlier the access to knowledge was not possible for all due to geographical boundaries. The trend of online education has helped in providing consistent education, and it offers an unlimited collaction and global opportunities to the students and teachers. E-Learning has various benefits over old learning methods such as reduced cost, virtual classroom, flexible & quick delivery, usefulness, time saving & effective and remote approach. usefulness

We have a large pool of teachers and assessors’ team specialized in their subjects. The teachers’ talent pool is distribute into two parts, one is on-screen and another is off-screen instructors. Off-screen teachers are subject specialist working on written content creation. On-screen teachers are expert in green-screen recording, chroma studio or multi-camera demonstrations.

learning platform

Book a free session

Students can take online classes anytime they want from this learning platform. Through these classes, students can get the same quality of education while they’re at home. Book a free class with Sparks-bee. Click on book a free class, pick your subject, select any date and time, and mention your personal information. An email will be sent to your registered email address and your kid can attend a free class as per the provided schedule.