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What is Sparksbee Education?

Sparksbee Education is an online tutoring system focusing on maths. English and also Islamic studies from age 6 to onward. It is covering the whole of the primary school and secondary school National Curriculum.

Support Learning at Home with Sparksbee Education

Children love their school. They come home each day telling us things they have learned. The new word meanings, numbers they counted up to, and all the games they played. As well as songs they have sung, and also new friends they made. But there are opportunities in every student’s life where they could learn more with a bit of support and a helping hand. To enable them you could buy books to help them. Further they learn or you can hire a private tutor. But wouldn’t it be better if a child has information at the palm of their hand & learn at their own pace with flexibility of date & time they choose? This is where our Sparksbee Education comes in & plays a vital role.

Sparksbee has given the option for parents to register their children. Infact everyone can log in from anywhere in the world.

Certain passing marks to progress:

Each topic needs 80% passing marks to complete the activity. A learner can try different topics and then come back to any that he left. The great thing about Sparks bee Education is that learner can watch the tutorial video again whenever he likes. Each set of topics makes up a complete course. At the end of each course, there's an assessment to test the overall learning. After that learner can go on to the next course and the next selection of topics.

Parents can monitor the progress:

Parents can monitor Sparksbee Education has a report section where it gives you so much information. It shows how long your child has been practicing and how long it took him to do an assessment. It also shows his passing marks. This is great to see whether he is just flicking through the questions or if he's taking time to answer them. He can take help from our expert teachers. Our expert teachers can help them. They can also get certificates after each assessment and Parents can get emailed results each time he completes one too.

Students can contact Teachers:

One of the best things about Sparksbee Education is that you can contact one of their tutors on their freephone helpline. If you need someone to explain any of the topics to you. This can be used even if your child has a problem with their homework. Sometimes you just need to have a teacher explain something to you. Sparks bee Education is a helping hand to do that.

Our schedule for Sparks bee:

Sparksbee is the perfect tool for learning. I know that this isn’t easy for a child to sit and learn for an hour at the same time every week with a private tutor. Sparks bee Education is giving you the best pase of time as your choice.

Sparks bee compares to a home tutor:

It’s a great alternative to a home tutor. Students can take online classes anytime they want. Through these classes, students can get the same quality of education while they’re at home. It can fit around your existing commitments and is perfectly suited to the needs of your children. If you have a child that needs additional help with maths, English, and Islamic studies then Sparksbee Education would be worth looking into. They offer a free initial assessment too.

Sparksbee giving an opportunity to book a free class:

Students can take online classes anytime they want. Sparksbee is giving you an opportunity to Book a free class. Click on book a free class, pick your subject, select any date and time, and mention your personal information. An email will be sent to your registered email address and your kid can attend a free class as per the provided schedule.
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